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Central Indiana First Steps Cluster G

(Serving Hamilton, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, Morgan, and Tipton Counties)

Council Participation Form
The Central Indiana First Steps Cluster G Council is a voluntary group composed of families whose children have special needs and representatives of organizations providing early intervention and transition services in in the central Indiana region. Membership is open to anyone.
Please indicate the category with which you identify most (check all that apply):
I am interested in helping the LPCC address the following area(s):

The Central Indiana First Steps Cluster G Bylaws (Article 6, Section 11) state:  “Any Council Member whose organization(s) receives grants or other fund sources accessed through the Council shall avoid the possible perception of a conflict of interest by abstaining for the record from voting on measures which involve funding for that organization. No Council member shall make demands or exert any pressure on any Council employee to direct choice of provider or authorizations of service, to themselves, the agency they represent, or any personal interest.”

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