Life After First Steps

Sometimes children still need therapy or services after exiting the First Steps Program. Transition into another program can be an anxious experience for families. 


Your local System Point of Entry (SPOE) and Local Planning and Coordinating Council (LPCC) are available to assist you in making those transitions as smoothly as possible. Your service coordinator will continually help you through every change you may encounter within the program.

Preparation for transitioning out of the First Steps Program will include participating in a transition meeting to discuss options outside of First Steps, additional evaluations, and/or sharing information with preschools to determine the services your child will need (if any) when they leave the system, as well as other activities designed to prepare you for life after First Steps.



Each year, Central Indiana First Steps hosts an event called "Next Steps: Life After First Steps" that provides information to families about services in the local school district setting.  

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Other Transition Resources

Cluster G Transition Memorandum of Agreement with Local School Districts

Outlines the process of transitioning from Part C services (First Steps) to Part B services in the local school  district.


Provides parents, families, and service providers in the state of Indiana the information & training necessary

to help assure effective educational programs & appropriate services for individuals with disabilities.

About Special Kids

Indiana’s Parent to Parent organization that works throughout the state to give support, answer questions

and provide information and resources to families of children with special needs.